City Bonfires- S’mores Anywhere

As a lifelong camper and a father of three, I can’t imagine not having the luxury of enjoying the simple phenomena of flame toasting a marshmallow or crisping a hot dog as it cooks over a fire. At the same time, I know that a lot of people simply have no practical means to whip up a campfire where they live. And not everybody can just go camping for a variety of reasons.

But I say- let no one be denied their s’mores! City Bonfires has the solution.

The City Bonfires + S’mores Kit is downright cute, yes. But it’s also very nicely thought out. The fire is created from food-grade soy wax, with no fumes or smoke created. The kit, when unboxed, looks like this:

It comes with a nice little lighter, s’more fixins for two (although the flame will provide enough duration for several rounds of s’mores), and ingenious “sticks”. You have a pointy end that the marshmallow goes on, and a handle that the stick fits firmly in.

It’s all just a nice little package that works on the stoop or patio pretty much anywhere.

City Bonfires is an American company, and the website says it was created by two fathers who were adversely impacted by COVID’s hit on their jobs. I salute their creativity, and raise my marshmallow stick to them.

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